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say what you will but this song is legit Adore You Miley Cyrus music damn crank up the bass and snuggle with a man


And he fell apart with his broken heart.

And this blood, this blood, this blood.

It drains from my skin, it does. 

297/365: Gale Song // The Lumineers 

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The Lumineers Catching Fire Soundtracks Music

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The Weeknd Catching Fire Soundtracks Music yessssssss


I See Fire - Ed Sheeran

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music ed sheeran desolation of smaug soundtracks


Hotel Sayre

Craig Armstrong Ft Lana Del Rey

Craig Armstrong Great Gatsby music he's my fave Lana Del Rey soundtrack


Lana Del Rey - Radio

Radio Lana Del Rey music




this is it, my greatest contribution to the internet


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music wat


The Weeknd - Wicked Games

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The Weeknd Wicked Games Ed Sheeran needs to cover this Music


An Ideal of Hope - Hans Zimmer(Man of Steel, trailer theme)

oh my god… 

it’s so beautiful, it sounds so beautiful

omg the drums Hans Zimmer Man of Steel music soundtrack eargasm


Day 5 of 365

Over The Love - Florence And The Machine
now there's green light in my eyes and my lover on my mind and I sing from the piano tear my yellow dress and cry and cry and cry over the love of youth

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Florence + the Machine Over the Love The Great Gatsby music Soundtrack


Being Human OST | A Wonderful Thing

“Oh my.”

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shamelessly reblogging my own stuff because it's beautiful Being Human Music A Wonderful Thing

LOST Soundtrack | There’s No Place Like Home

LOST There's No Place Like Home Michael Giacchino Music OST

Wake Up Alone | Amy Winehouse

This face in my dreams seizes my guts 
He floods me with dread 
Soaked in soul 
He swims in my eyes by the bed 
Pour myself over him 
Moon spilling in 
And I wake up alone

Amy Winehouse Wake Up Alone Music

Being Human OST | A Wonderful Thing

"Oh my."

Being Human Richard Wells A Wonderful Thing The Wolf Shaped Bullet John Mitchell Lauren Drake OST Raining on my face Music Oh my

LOST Soundtrack | “Life and Death” by Michael Giacchino

LOST Michael Giacchino Life and Death Music