"I have a wobbly ceiling fan over my bed that might decapitate me while I sleep! And a medium on the show once told me I would die headless."

- Ava, Up All Night

Up All Night Ava Alexander Maya Rudolph Quotables

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Amy Poehler Maya Rudolph Bronx Beat SNL Saturday Night Live

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SNL Saturday Night Live Maya Rudolph Fred Armisen Prince

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Andy Samberg Black and White Kiss Maya Rudolph Pretty SNL So cute

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Saturday Night Live SNL Maya Rudolph Keenan Thompson Maya Angelou I know why the caged bird laughs

So many feelings.


So many feelings.

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All the feels Amy Poehler Hugs Justin Timberlake Maya Rudolph SNL Saturday Night Live
Andy looks like James Bond.  Hawt.

Andy looks like James Bond.  Hawt.

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SNL Saturday Night Live Kristen Wiig Taylor Swift Maya Rudolph Andy Samberg

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Adorable Ice cream Maya Rudolph Pink Pretty SNL Saturday Night Live

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Maya Rudolph Queen SNL Saturday Night Live

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Andy Samberg Bronx Beat Justin Timberlake Maya Rudolph SNL Saturday Night Live

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Jay Pharoah Kristen Wiig LOL Maya Rudolph SNL Taylor Swift Saturday Night Live

Did he just say, “Don’t be a Muggle?”

I don’t know, but White Butler’s really into it!

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