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chris rock black and white man in glasses

#fucking hell


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hnnng Cillian Murphy arms man in glasses hair everything rumpled scholarly man

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Henry Cavill Clark Kent Man of Steel I died right then and there DEAD Ridiculously photogenic Congratulations on your face Man in glasses MOS Spoilers


Richard Ayoade being pretty. Because you know you want it.

Richard Ayaode man in glasses yessssss

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Robert Downey Jr RDJ man in glasses tumblr IRL


Richard Ayoade being too pretty for his own good - part II.

[Part I]

jesus take the wheel Richard Ayoade Beardy Man in glasses

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This is when I bow down and thank the motherland Man in glasses Daniel Craig

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Colin O'Donoghue Killian Jones Captain Hook OUAT Once Upon A Time CAN'T Man in glasses Scruffy

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Sebastian Stan Man in glasses

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Cillian Murphy Man in glasses Have mercy

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Is that grey scruff because if so... Cillian Murphy Scarecrow Dark Knight Rises Man in glasses Scruffy

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GET OUTTA HERE Martin Freeman Man in glasses Hotness

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Man in glasses RDJ Robert Downey Jr DAYUM

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Jeezus H Christ you can't just do that to a person Tom Hardy Hotness Man in glasses

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WUT OMG Crying Oscar Pistorius Man in glasses