one of my favorite jokes of all time

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PLOT TWIST Community Troy Barnes Jeff Winger Remedial Chaos Theory


#me and tumblr

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Community Jeff Winger

Community Rewatch

S01E08 - Home Economics

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my favorite of favorite quotes Jeff Winger Community

Favorite Characters: Jeff Winger (Community)
“I’m no sociopath. I always know what I’m doing is wrong. I’m just a guy that doesn’t like taking tests, doing work, or getting yelled at. So if you think about it, that makes me the sanest person here.”

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Community Jeff Winger Joel McHale FAVORITE

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Jeff x Annie Jeff Winger Annie Edison Intro to Knots Community

Jeff is wearing WAYYYYYYYYYYY too many clothes this season

Community Jeff Winger Intro to Knots

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biggest laugh of S4 Community Jeff Winger Pierce Hawthorne

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Jeff Winger Britta Perry Community

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everything is community and nothing hurts Community Britta Perry Jeff Winger History 101


…relationships are complicated…

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Jeff Winger Community I like your face


“Woah, that’s a good Jeff. How’d you do that?”

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Jeff Winger Community

Community means romance (season 4 promo pictures)


Community means romance (season 4 promo pictures)

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Holy crap that's hot Jeff Winger Britta Perry Community


Simply the best Community Physical Education Jeff Winger Annie Edison Britta Perry

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I feel that feel bro Fiveheads forever! Jeff Winger Community

‘Community’: A ‘Hunger Games’ tribute in the season 4 premiere (x)

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The best timeline Community Jeff Winger Dean Pelton Manicorns