*plot twist*

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lol apparently need to watch this Hunger Games
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Taylor Swift’s Life Was ‘Deeply Affected’ By ‘Hunger Games’

"If I had to forage right now, what would I forage?"

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fire burns brighter in the darkness.: It's so silly that Suzanne Collins chose to let Katniss narrate the book cause it gives away that she isn't going to...



Just saying. I’m almost done with Hunger Games and I seriously think she just got lucky with the story cause in terms of being a writer, she’s probably worse than Stephenie Meyer.

Wow…that’s a bit harsh. Stephenie Meyer? Really? :/

I don’t think the question is…

I’ve read a couple of things/seen a few movies where the protagonist/narrator dies (or you just think they die) and then the POV switches to a secondary character.  It can be done.  Argument = invalid.

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I call bullshit.
Dude, watch Winter’s Bone.

I call bullshit.

Dude, watch Winter’s Bone.

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…Then you’ve never lost anyone you love. :(

…Then you’ve never lost anyone you love. :(

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