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Congratulations on your face Daniel Radcliffe DanRad Black and White Hotness Men

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DanRad Daniel Radcliffe So cute Bouffant

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Daniel Radcliffe DanRad SNL Casey Anthony's dog

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Daniel Radcliffe DanRad SNL Congratulations on your face Tea?

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Daniel Radcliffe DanRad SNL Flawless

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Daniel Radcliffe DanRad SNL Irish dancing and Chinese calligraphy Adorbz


Dan had more chemistry with those hobos than he did with Bonnie Watson Wright.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Daniel Radcliffe DanRAd I never shipped Harry and Ginny SNL

I’m upset because I actually really like this guy now.


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Daniel Radcliffe DanRad SNL So many feelings

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SNL Daniel Radcliffe DanRad Irish dancing and Chinese calligraphy LOLMYGOD

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DanRad on SNL

Hahaha. “You Can Do Anything” and “Spin the Bottle” just rocked my world.

His American accent is killing me.

SNL DanRad Daniel Radcliffe

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