Annie and Shirley kill the blacksmith [Community]

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nevar 5get Annie Edison Shirley Bennett Community

You look like you should be tattooed on a sailor.

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Advanced Introduction to Finality Annie Edison Community pretty

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Basic Human Anatomy Community Shirley Bennett Annie Edison Dean Pelton DAYUM DEAN

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Jeff x Annie Jeff Winger Annie Edison Intro to Knots Community

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Stealth Pun is a joke punch line that has a set up, of varying levels of subtlety, without the final delivery so the audience must themselves piece together what the joke is in their own heads.

That time Community (didn’t) make a joke about a class on how to write jokes.

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one of my all-time faves resounding SIXSEASONSANDAMOVIE Community Annie Edison that last frame

I’d come into my office, turn on the lights…

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Annie Edison History 101 Community Dean Pelton Perfection


Simply the best Community Physical Education Jeff Winger Annie Edison Britta Perry

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The Science of Illusion Annie Edison Jeff Winger LOL Pepper spray

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Annie Edison Shirley Bennett Troy Barnes Community Chloroform LOL Black and white

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Abed Nadir Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Annie Edison Hector the Well-Endowed Shirley Bennett Troy Barnes Bromance

Best Quote from Community “Celebrity Pharmacology”


Annie: You don’t count Britta, you don’t respond to anything appropriately.
Britta: Thank you.

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Community Celebrity Pharmacology Quotables Britta Perry Annie Edison

I wonder if TV characters ever ask themselves why May is always such a dramatic month for them.



#Not Abed #Because Abed KNOWS what may is for

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May Sweeps TV Abed Nadir Meta Annie Edison Community

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Community Annie Edison Abed Nadir Virtual Systems Analysis GPOY Alone

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